Weeks 6 and 7 – The Greatest piece of mechanism in existence

As simple of an anatomical structure as it may seem, all of its 3 lbs on average, made up of grey stuff and white stuff and divided into 4 regions; the human brain is still but a mystery to majority.  In fact by stark contrast our brains are everything but simple when  comes the action of thought in the brain.  Haanel puts it this way it is “the greatest piece of mechanism in existence.”

Our brains are a super highway housing trillions of cells each with thousands of connections that have control over every process in our bodies.

Maybe this is why it is challenging to unlock the true potential of our minds.  I have been  focusing these two weeks on single thoughts to train my mind to be disciplined and attentive to detail and it is more complex than at first thought.  Of course it might help if I could get the thought of “work” attaching that with a negative emotion out of my mental diet, I might have more success.  Reading how majority of us cannot focus on a single thought for more than 12 minutes is astounding.  Before understanding this concept, I was very quick to dismiss many of the requirements as being unimportant for developing stability in our subby’s.  Now I realize that emphasizing thoughts on positive versus negative is extremely important to set the stage for what happens to our tomorrows.

Haanel goes on to emphasize the power of attention and the strength and power of focusing on a single purpose as compared to a magnifying glass in which the rays of sunlight are focused 6.20.  The last major purpose I really placed 110% of my attention to success has got to be wanting and getting a doctorate degree.  I wonder what this would be like to place all thoughts and attention on love.

I believe that  attention focused like a magnifying glass on an object powered by love as Og mandino writes in scroll II of GS has reproduced a new reality for me and those in my space and environment. Taking this course has drawn the reality out that our minds are the greatest mechanism God has ever created.



Week 5 – Giving more than receiving

This week has been phenomenal.  Practicing the art of giving has been a rewarding experience.  It never always was this way.  I think as human beings we tend to carry a little too much self in our heads; can you relate?

Everything I think about now has to do somehow with my newborn son.  His well being, his needs, his thoughts seem to consume my every impulse.  I’ve always heard that once you become a father there is no greater human experience one can have to practice the art of selflessness.  The true Master, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ demonstrated this throughout his life.  I am constantly being reminded now what The Father must have experienced when his Son was hanging on the cross over 2ooo years ago.  Although my experience is no where near that I get a glimpse of what Love truly is and how it was given back then and how I need to emanate that today constantly.

As for the Mastermind class one of the challenges was to have no opinions.  None, Nada, Zip.  I am just in awe at how hard it is to practice this.  For one it takes tact and two it takes a constant dieing to self so to speak.  I have an opinion on everything and letting that penetrate through my conscious mind is unreal.  I mean we are constantly bombarded by thoughts and others opinions.  I realized how stressful it can be to hold your tongue.  I can honestly say that I had forgotten this principle 80% of the time during the week.  The other 20% was truly genuine non opinion.  This will be an exercise of benefit in the weeks to come.


Week 4 – all or nothing

Something that occurs in the body when it is about to send a message to a particular body part to perform an action happens to be called an action potential.  In order for this to occur there needs to be the right balance of ions to establish a strong enough electrical charge to send a nerve impulse as noted above.  It has to be all in or nothing at all.  You cannot have some of one ion going into our nerve cells to make this happen.

Well this past week again has been contemplative to say the least.  Now that I am a new father a shift in focus has occurred that wasn’t quite there just a month ago.  Making that shift towards thinking of yourself and your wife maybe to thinking about my child has been instinctive in nature.  Almost an automatic response.  Well just as our nerves send that automatic response to carry out action, Ive made that automatic response towards doing what ever it takes to be a father.

Ive also been enjoying this master key class through the assignments given.  Ill have to be honest though, Im finding that if I don’t give my 100% effort in all the assignments I fall behind very easily. Having a system, a schedule has not been easy for me for the last 3 weeks as Ive found myself flying back and forth between the islands to be with my wife and newborn son in the hospital due to a long complicated process that occurred. Thankfully my boy will be discharged on Sunday, but besides that repeating words and reading them over and over again has created in me a shift in mindset.  i’ve contemplated what my purpose was again as I found that one is autonomy and although I want to build a health center on Kauai, Im realizing that it doesn’t have that aspect of autonomy that I am so longing to have.  I want to be independent, travel and give back in mission trips and I realize that in order for me to have that I need to rewrite my purpose statement.  So this week has been about rethinking my objective in life and will continue to hone in on that purpose.

So it is either you jump in with two feet or not at all I expose this experience to you all.  Are you in?

Week 3 -The Most Precious Resource

It is interesting to know that the most important commodity we have is not silver, or gold, nor cars or our cell phones.  It is the one thing that no one can alter or influence.  It’s not dependent on anything we can do, its something that everyone has the same amount.  You guessed it,  it is TIME!  We exist around this concept of deadlines and timeframes, we either can or cannot.  Reading historical documents such as the Bible, its interesting to see that the things that happened over 2000 years ago are happening today.   History has a way of repeating itself.  We have the same 168 hours in a week, and even after you worked all day, had family time and worship, errands and chores and most importantly sleep, you still have 30 hours to spare.  It is said what you do with those 30 hours makes you rich or poor.  I for one don’t want poor.

Week 3 has been a week of reflecting.  Experiencing the challenge of flying back and forth between islands to be with my family, I’ve realized that there is nothing more important than making that time for family.  Now that i am a new father, Ive realized that even my life has flewn and thus time that has passed I can never get back.  Ive realized that because I was once an infant and looking at my son Ive realized that life is too short and I want to be there for every moment of his life.

I believe that your character growth is directly proportionate to your success in life.  Reading Og Mandino’s 1st scroll, Ive realized that failure is the inability to reach one’s goals in life.  Going through this Master Key Master mind alliance Ive grown so much in so little time.  Ive come to the realization that what I want most in life is family and to help others.  Master key system has given me the opportunity to reflect deeper as to what I truly need in order to define my purpose in this life.  Needless to say my experience in week three has been the battle against time.  Wanting to fulfill the requirements has kicked me in to 5th gear.  Ive got a lot to learn about establishing my purpose and I believe this master key system is going to help me and therefore bring success through defining what I need to be effective.

Week 2 – Working on the “Subby”

Week 2 has been a whirlwind!  Time has come and gone and it has been a interesting experience to say the least.  I must say, retraining the subconscious takes patience and persistence and although it is a slow process the benefits of forming new habits to replace old habits are of necessity.  In fact it is the only way to form new habits.  I find myself many times reverting back to putting things off.   My subconscious mind telling me that I can do it in no time so whats the rush.  This leads to unnecessary stress.  Perhaps the stress produced is a fire for me, but I do feel that I need this type of training.

More specifically Week 2 did not start off to well for me for the master key experience.  You see this week also started off with my wife giving birth and a host of time requiring elements that would be out of the ordinary for a typical birth to say the least.  However in the midst of traveling outer island to get additional care for my newborn and my wife in recovery mode it is easy to say that I do not have time for the Master key experience for this week.  Daily am I faced with the reality that my time is most limited during this week to care for my wife and baby.  Daily I persist at telling my “subby”  that I have to push through this trying time and make sure that I complete these weekly assignments so I can stay in long enough to get pass this stage.  Applying for this program, I knew this would be my greatest limitation so frequently talking myself into has been my key to staying with it.  My hope is that I don’t get too behind with the videos that are key to helping me learn all of these concepts.  I know that with persistent effort and blocking out spaces in my schedule to work on these assignments I will overcome!

Week 1 – Expanding on my purpose

There has been a mix of emotions this past week as I have recently joined the master key master mind course.  This is no ordinary course as I have gathered from on first session on Sunday.  Most self help courses are designed to tell you what to do where as this one helps guide you to make decisions for yourself.   I was blown away at the quality of facilitators we have in Mark J and the fabulous Davene J; the sincerity they expressed to commit to a group of us what has helped them find true meaning, purpose and thus success in life.  I have always found it so helpful to gather information, sift and sort, use what is good and meaningful to self improvement and throw away what is not.  For me my journey to self discovery continues to evolve.

Part of week 1 involved starting out from scratch to establish habits that have been dormant for years since Ive graduated from school.  Assignments to complete by deadlines and navigating apps that Ive very seldom used in the past.  There have been so many moments this past week where I would tell myself I have no time to do the assignments or I would do part of the assignment and skip out on the others.  Well I realized that I have been doing this for quite some time.  I have learned in this first week of self discovery that I truly am a procrastinator in and out of school, but this too shall pass.

I am truly excited to begin this journey of trying to find my true self expression to be able to create a world for myself that involves my true purpose in life.  This purpose is to carry out the commission found in one of my favorite books of the Bible (Matthew 28:19-20), through the healing and physical arts, incorporating a wellness model to educate and offer what Jesus did over 2000 years ago; that is to teach and preach the gospel of the kingdom, healing every sickness and every disease among the people (Matt 9:35).

My hope is that through this journey I will at least find the right vehicle/model by which I can be the most unique yet most effective at carrying out this mission.