About me

I have also started from a place of humble beginnings, worked hard getting through college to finish with my doctorate in physical therapy, practicing in Kapaa, HI full time as a movement specialist. I also work part time on my fortune through the network marketing model by which I have grown more from in the last two years than I have in first 30 years of my life.  My supreme goal in life is to help people heal by showing through lifestyle medicine that there is a God of love.  My favorite subject in life is health, however I’ve fallen in love with history because there is no better teacher than those who have been there before.  History always has a way of repeating itself and by studying history through the ancient literature and even smaller scale yourself can help you grow leaps and bounds.  I am also an extrovert and find passion in helping people and being around people helps give me energy to thrive in this world.   I am happily married with a son who is the pride and joy of my life.  I hope to bless others through my experiences and my continual growth as a child of God.