Weeks 6 and 7 – The Greatest piece of mechanism in existence

As simple of an anatomical structure as it may seem, all of its 3 lbs on average, made up of grey stuff and white stuff and divided into 4 regions; the human brain is still but a mystery to majority.  In fact by stark contrast our brains are everything but simple when  comes the action of thought in the brain.  Haanel puts it this way it is “the greatest piece of mechanism in existence.”

Our brains are a super highway housing trillions of cells each with thousands of connections that have control over every process in our bodies.

Maybe this is why it is challenging to unlock the true potential of our minds.  I have been  focusing these two weeks on single thoughts to train my mind to be disciplined and attentive to detail and it is more complex than at first thought.  Of course it might help if I could get the thought of “work” attaching that with a negative emotion out of my mental diet, I might have more success.  Reading how majority of us cannot focus on a single thought for more than 12 minutes is astounding.  Before understanding this concept, I was very quick to dismiss many of the requirements as being unimportant for developing stability in our subby’s.  Now I realize that emphasizing thoughts on positive versus negative is extremely important to set the stage for what happens to our tomorrows.

Haanel goes on to emphasize the power of attention and the strength and power of focusing on a single purpose as compared to a magnifying glass in which the rays of sunlight are focused 6.20.  The last major purpose I really placed 110% of my attention to success has got to be wanting and getting a doctorate degree.  I wonder what this would be like to place all thoughts and attention on love.

I believe that  attention focused like a magnifying glass on an object powered by love as Og mandino writes in scroll II of GS has reproduced a new reality for me and those in my space and environment. Taking this course has drawn the reality out that our minds are the greatest mechanism God has ever created.



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