Week 5 – Giving more than receiving

This week has been phenomenal.  Practicing the art of giving has been a rewarding experience.  It never always was this way.  I think as human beings we tend to carry a little too much self in our heads; can you relate?

Everything I think about now has to do somehow with my newborn son.  His well being, his needs, his thoughts seem to consume my every impulse.  I’ve always heard that once you become a father there is no greater human experience one can have to practice the art of selflessness.  The true Master, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ demonstrated this throughout his life.  I am constantly being reminded now what The Father must have experienced when his Son was hanging on the cross over 2ooo years ago.  Although my experience is no where near that I get a glimpse of what Love truly is and how it was given back then and how I need to emanate that today constantly.

As for the Mastermind class one of the challenges was to have no opinions.  None, Nada, Zip.  I am just in awe at how hard it is to practice this.  For one it takes tact and two it takes a constant dieing to self so to speak.  I have an opinion on everything and letting that penetrate through my conscious mind is unreal.  I mean we are constantly bombarded by thoughts and others opinions.  I realized how stressful it can be to hold your tongue.  I can honestly say that I had forgotten this principle 80% of the time during the week.  The other 20% was truly genuine non opinion.  This will be an exercise of benefit in the weeks to come.



4 thoughts on “Week 5 – Giving more than receiving

  1. Hi Randon, not easy, isn’t it? I believe 20% is quite an achievement. I love you enthusiasm and I am sure your little boy is one of the luckier ones; you sure are a giver.


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