Week 4 – all or nothing

Something that occurs in the body when it is about to send a message to a particular body part to perform an action happens to be called an action potential.  In order for this to occur there needs to be the right balance of ions to establish a strong enough electrical charge to send a nerve impulse as noted above.  It has to be all in or nothing at all.  You cannot have some of one ion going into our nerve cells to make this happen.

Well this past week again has been contemplative to say the least.  Now that I am a new father a shift in focus has occurred that wasn’t quite there just a month ago.  Making that shift towards thinking of yourself and your wife maybe to thinking about my child has been instinctive in nature.  Almost an automatic response.  Well just as our nerves send that automatic response to carry out action, Ive made that automatic response towards doing what ever it takes to be a father.

Ive also been enjoying this master key class through the assignments given.  Ill have to be honest though, Im finding that if I don’t give my 100% effort in all the assignments I fall behind very easily. Having a system, a schedule has not been easy for me for the last 3 weeks as Ive found myself flying back and forth between the islands to be with my wife and newborn son in the hospital due to a long complicated process that occurred. Thankfully my boy will be discharged on Sunday, but besides that repeating words and reading them over and over again has created in me a shift in mindset.  i’ve contemplated what my purpose was again as I found that one is autonomy and although I want to build a health center on Kauai, Im realizing that it doesn’t have that aspect of autonomy that I am so longing to have.  I want to be independent, travel and give back in mission trips and I realize that in order for me to have that I need to rewrite my purpose statement.  So this week has been about rethinking my objective in life and will continue to hone in on that purpose.

So it is either you jump in with two feet or not at all I expose this experience to you all.  Are you in?


6 thoughts on “Week 4 – all or nothing

  1. Hey Randon, again all my congratulations with your son. Beautiful post I like this “all or nothing”. Do not beat yourself up for falling behind (apparently this can be an issue with us yellows ;-)), get back on track and move on, that’s what we can do best. So I will be waiting for your DMP with your new ideas…


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