Week 3 -The Most Precious Resource

It is interesting to know that the most important commodity we have is not silver, or gold, nor cars or our cell phones.  It is the one thing that no one can alter or influence.  It’s not dependent on anything we can do, its something that everyone has the same amount.  You guessed it,  it is TIME!  We exist around this concept of deadlines and timeframes, we either can or cannot.  Reading historical documents such as the Bible, its interesting to see that the things that happened over 2000 years ago are happening today.   History has a way of repeating itself.  We have the same 168 hours in a week, and even after you worked all day, had family time and worship, errands and chores and most importantly sleep, you still have 30 hours to spare.  It is said what you do with those 30 hours makes you rich or poor.  I for one don’t want poor.

Week 3 has been a week of reflecting.  Experiencing the challenge of flying back and forth between islands to be with my family, I’ve realized that there is nothing more important than making that time for family.  Now that i am a new father, Ive realized that even my life has flewn and thus time that has passed I can never get back.  Ive realized that because I was once an infant and looking at my son Ive realized that life is too short and I want to be there for every moment of his life.

I believe that your character growth is directly proportionate to your success in life.  Reading Og Mandino’s 1st scroll, Ive realized that failure is the inability to reach one’s goals in life.  Going through this Master Key Master mind alliance Ive grown so much in so little time.  Ive come to the realization that what I want most in life is family and to help others.  Master key system has given me the opportunity to reflect deeper as to what I truly need in order to define my purpose in this life.  Needless to say my experience in week three has been the battle against time.  Wanting to fulfill the requirements has kicked me in to 5th gear.  Ive got a lot to learn about establishing my purpose and I believe this master key system is going to help me and therefore bring success through defining what I need to be effective.


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