Week 2 – Working on the “Subby”

Week 2 has been a whirlwind!  Time has come and gone and it has been a interesting experience to say the least.  I must say, retraining the subconscious takes patience and persistence and although it is a slow process the benefits of forming new habits to replace old habits are of necessity.  In fact it is the only way to form new habits.  I find myself many times reverting back to putting things off.   My subconscious mind telling me that I can do it in no time so whats the rush.  This leads to unnecessary stress.  Perhaps the stress produced is a fire for me, but I do feel that I need this type of training.

More specifically Week 2 did not start off to well for me for the master key experience.  You see this week also started off with my wife giving birth and a host of time requiring elements that would be out of the ordinary for a typical birth to say the least.  However in the midst of traveling outer island to get additional care for my newborn and my wife in recovery mode it is easy to say that I do not have time for the Master key experience for this week.  Daily am I faced with the reality that my time is most limited during this week to care for my wife and baby.  Daily I persist at telling my “subby”  that I have to push through this trying time and make sure that I complete these weekly assignments so I can stay in long enough to get pass this stage.  Applying for this program, I knew this would be my greatest limitation so frequently talking myself into has been my key to staying with it.  My hope is that I don’t get too behind with the videos that are key to helping me learn all of these concepts.  I know that with persistent effort and blocking out spaces in my schedule to work on these assignments I will overcome!


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