Week 1 – Expanding on my purpose

There has been a mix of emotions this past week as I have recently joined the master key master mind course.  This is no ordinary course as I have gathered from on first session on Sunday.  Most self help courses are designed to tell you what to do where as this one helps guide you to make decisions for yourself.   I was blown away at the quality of facilitators we have in Mark J and the fabulous Davene J; the sincerity they expressed to commit to a group of us what has helped them find true meaning, purpose and thus success in life.  I have always found it so helpful to gather information, sift and sort, use what is good and meaningful to self improvement and throw away what is not.  For me my journey to self discovery continues to evolve.

Part of week 1 involved starting out from scratch to establish habits that have been dormant for years since Ive graduated from school.  Assignments to complete by deadlines and navigating apps that Ive very seldom used in the past.  There have been so many moments this past week where I would tell myself I have no time to do the assignments or I would do part of the assignment and skip out on the others.  Well I realized that I have been doing this for quite some time.  I have learned in this first week of self discovery that I truly am a procrastinator in and out of school, but this too shall pass.

I am truly excited to begin this journey of trying to find my true self expression to be able to create a world for myself that involves my true purpose in life.  This purpose is to carry out the commission found in one of my favorite books of the Bible (Matthew 28:19-20), through the healing and physical arts, incorporating a wellness model to educate and offer what Jesus did over 2000 years ago; that is to teach and preach the gospel of the kingdom, healing every sickness and every disease among the people (Matt 9:35).

My hope is that through this journey I will at least find the right vehicle/model by which I can be the most unique yet most effective at carrying out this mission.


3 thoughts on “Week 1 – Expanding on my purpose

  1. Hi Randon,
    I am so honored to be on this journey with you and to find out more about your passion.Healing and physical art through the Gospels, that is so beautiful. And…from “procrastinator” to “procrastinator” 🙂 you have a beautiful project and since your soul is in it, there is no more procrastination.


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